Dating idiots

but couldn’t quite find the right words to express it…

The one moment that will really radically change your life forever. They found a girl they really liked, but, ugh, they just weren’t attracted to the poor thing! Men have been taught to think a certain standard is attractive, and it’s skewing their vision of women. Or you notice the way her nose looks like a bunny’s nose when she’s upset.Generally it’s a woman that fits into a size zero, that could only be created with Photoshop. The things that only evolve as you get to know each other. Now, I get that most of the idiots of the world don’t understand this. I think the vast majority of men in the world misunderstand the nature of attraction.Many of you will not recognize the terms we attribute to lousy internet daters, but you will recognize the signs and symptoms! Refer to it any and every time you need to remind yourself that you might possibly have an internet personals fiasco on your hands!Internet Dating and Online Personals sites come packed with warnings, red flags and caveats that would have Mother Theresa running for the hills, but we all don't see them when it's happening to us.The terms listed below are in progress, and will be completed shortly.


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