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Q: How long must I have lived in Texas prior to filing for divorce in an Texas court?

A: To file for a divorce in Texas, one of the spouses has to have been a resident of the state for a continuous six-month period.

A: "Venue" refers to which type of court and in what locality the case is filed.

In Texas, proper venue for the divorce action is the District Court, which is in Georgetown for Williamson County and Austin for Travis County.

As the first Family Law Blog in Tarrant County, we provide information about divorce and other family law issues for Tarrant County and Texas. Think about paying 0 to 0 per hour, or more, for three to five or more hours, for attorneys to be negotiating or in a hearing, or even waiting around to get into court, which is not uncommon.

Collaborative law, mediation and settlements in general are discussed. Can you think of any more efficient or less expensive way to get issues resolved? The other side demands a hearing, the Court may schedule a hearing or you may be forced into Court because the other side won't work with you. At the outset, you should consider using Collaborative Law where you negotiate and agree to not go to court.

If the spouses are not in agreement, it typically takes about six months to one year or longer to finalize a divorce, depending on the complexity of the issues and the degree of conflict.

Q: What is "venue," and what is the proper venue for a divorce case?

A skilled mediator, however, knows there are tax advantages to alimony.Under Texas law, to have a common law marriage, you must do three things: (1) Agree to be married (2) Live together as husband and wife, and (3) Told others (hold yourselves out) that you are married.In What Ways Do People “Hold Themselves Out” as Married?There is also some discussion of trial tips, but the emphasis is on practical information to get better results and lessen the pain often experienced as people work through the courts and legal system. Another option if you are in a litigated divorce is to go to mediation which is a great process that is almost always successful.We want you to know what to expect and how to be most effective. The other day, I saw both parties after the hearing/negotiations. You can also try having the attorneys informally negotiate an agreement.Even if you said that you were married only one time, you can meet this requirement. An adult and a child (or two children) can’t have a common law marriage, even if their parents give permission.


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