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He is the drummer of the group, the one who regularly sits behind his brothers while beating his drums. The book is set out in “acts,” much like the acts of a play or film.The opening act focuses on his early years from 1955-1960, growing up in Utah and being discovered along with his brothers in Disneyland where they performed as a barbershop quartet.Their goal was to meet famed television music host Lawrence Welk.For the last number of years Wayne, Jay, Merrill and Alan had been performing as a barbershop quartet.Lord Of The Rings star Sir Ian, 75, said: "Happy new year everyone!Osmond was born in Ogden, Utah, the sixth son of Olive May (née Davis; May 4, 1925 – May 9, 2004) and George Virl Osmond (October 13, 1917 – November 6, 2007).

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(‘Everyone’s a critic,’ said one brother.) Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, heartthrob Donny, sister Marie and Jimmy had to have Secret Service protection.

The series starred then 12-year-old Kurt Russell on a wagon train headed to the American West.

In addition to drums, he shared lead vocals on the group's hit "Crazy Horses," a hard rock song that fit Jay's more guttural voice better than usual lead singers Merrill or Donny. Together they have three sons: Jason George (born on September 23, 1988), Eric Clinton (born on January 2, 1991) and Marcus Jay (born on January 8, 1996).

Jay claims Donny, 58, who became an international heart-throb in the 70s and enjoyed 35 years of fame with younger sister Marie as duo Donny and Marie, was brought down to size when he developed an ego."Donny got knocked on the head a couple of times," said Jay, 60, who is touring with brothers Jimmy and Merrill Osmond."We realised it took all of us putting our pieces of the puzzle together, creating this brand.

There wouldn't be a Donny, Marie or Jimmy if it wasn't for Alan, Merrill or Jay."Jimmy Osmond, 52, added: "We had each other. A lot of kids don't have that."JENNIFER LOPEZ says it's her children's job to help her sleep after a busy day.


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