Mystery method speed dating

The content in these DVDs is a good accompaniment to the the books explaining Mystery Method (Mystery Method and Revelation).Mystery does not cover his method comprehensively in these DVDs, but instead dives deep into some areas with practical detail, anecdotes and stories behind their makings.The videos are not very good quality, and the set up is amateurish.Quick Definition: A concept from Mystery best used during A3 (Qualification) and Comfort game to bait the woman to DHV herself to the artist and invest in him by asking genuine questions, which the artist can then reward her for.This leads to the viewer getting a much better feel for how the techniques work, makes them more accessible and as a result - easier to implement.Some of the highlights which add value beyond books are kino escalation and cat theory.Our next Sensory Speed Dating event will be held at the Queen of Hoxton in London on Monday 25th September, where we’ll be using the power of science to make real matches. You can also sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to get the latest updates on Sensory Speed Dating and other exciting Guerilla Science events.

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There are better products that describe Mystery's approach to pick-up now in the market from Venusian Arts (Revelation, Revelation: The Vault DVD Set ).


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