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So optimistically, I went about advertising on e Bay, Gumtree and Craigslist.The next day I received an email via the Craigslist ad from ‘Pamela Richard’ asking for me to reply “asap”. I was already dubious about receiving a reply from Craigslist; this is after all, a site where I could sell myself if I wanted.offers the world's most reliable Nigeria surf reports with a surf report model and surf cam network that gives the surfer a precise reading on what the waves are doing at the best Nigeria surf spots.

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I also assumed that, because the ad was placed on the London Craigslist, they would be from London, or at least the same country.I was told that I had to have a website to promote book sales. I didn’t realize it then, but this marked a shift in my focus. I can remember when I thought that the numbers were big if 50 people came to my website over the course of the day. There was no place to announce what I was doing and hope it’d go viral. The most widely read piece is the What to Feed Your Chickens FAQ. Hundreds of hens have been saved with my Spa Treatment, and thousands of people have learned why their chickens are losing feathers.At the time most authors put up a basic site that didn’t include much more than a book description and an author head shot. Over the last decade, I’ve set down what I know about backyard chicken keeping.At Sunflower Farm, every goat born on the farm is named and valued and we cherish our animals long after their commercial productivity while providing them the very best feed, medical attention and love. Although the goats enjoy lots of time grazing in the field and enjoying the attention of visitors, they work hard too.This little story started after I’d bought a Ricoh GRD IV and GV-2 viewfinder.I replied instantly to ‘Pamela’ hoping I’d sold the camera.


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